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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to me is more than just an outstanding videogame. Sekiro uses incredible storytelling techniques and tireless research to build an intricate world with rich lore and characters. The game could exist just as well in the realm of great novels and films, as it does in the realm of videogames.

As a filmmaker, this game has such a meaningful impact on me and the way I want to tell stories. I felt compelled to create these style frames as an homage to Sekiro.

In these frames we see the crimson red sheath of the legendary mortal blade. As the blade is drawn, the awesome power contained within bursts out with such force that it shreds through the very blade itself shattering the ancient cherry blossom wood into splinters. The lore behind this weapon states that it is the only weapon know to the land of Ashina that is capable of slaying immortal beings. But with that power comes a terrible cost. Any mortal who seeks to wield the blade will die the moment they draw it from its sheath.

I used Cinema 4D and Houdini to create these frames. I started with a low poly base mesh and added detail through various techniques that included a creating custom 16k wooden texture, kitbashing, sculpting, detailed voronoi fracturing, and simulating pyro. I used Arnold to render the final result.

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